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Floortrax Tile Features


  • Tile size: 13" x 13" x 0.50"
  • Material: Polypropylene copolymer
  • UV Stabilized
  • Excellent resistance to oil, gas and other automotive fluids including Skydrol
  • Excellent resistance to Alkalis
  • Good resistance to acids and solvents
  • Non-slip
  • Temperature Tolerances: -22°F to +248°F
  • Compressive Strength: 5120 psi
  • Fire Rating: HB (Horizontal Burn)


Floortrax tiles present a great look for offices, commercial spaces,  garages and gyms. A solid tile with a lightly textured surface, Floortrax is non-slip, low maintenance and easy to clean. Floortrax can be installed in combination with other Swisstrax 13" tiles including Diamondtrax, Cointrax and Sportrax.

Floortrax tiles provide a surface that allows for wheels and casters to easily maneuver and re-position.

Floortrax Rubbertrax - Swisstrax recycled flooring


Floortrax is also available in Rubbertrax, our eco-friendly recycled rubber tile. Rubbertrax tiles are flexible and softer than our standard Polypropylene tiles, providing a more cushioned feel during extended periods of standing. 

Floortrax Rubbertrax tiles can also be installed in combination with our standard 13" tiles. An additional option is to use our Anti-Fatigue Work Mats which are comprised of Ribtrax Rubbertrax tiles.

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