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1. Can I mix and match different colors of tiles?

Yes, you can choose as many colors as you wish for the same price.

2. Can I remove a single tile from the middle of the floor without tearing out to the edge?

Yes, using a flat-edged screwdriver you are able to pop out a single tile from the middle without affecting the rest of the floor.

3. Can I install Swisstrax by myself?

Yes, Swisstrax is easily and quickly installed by the end user. They simply snap together without the need of any tools.

4. Are Swisstrax tiles comfortable to walk on?

Yes, Swisstrax are made with about 8% rubber in the polypropylene mix making them easy to walk on and better for your knees and back than a cement surface.

5. Will the color of the Swisstrax tiles fade?

No, All Swisstrax tiles are UV resistant.

6. Are the Swisstrax tiles able to support a car jack?

Yes, Swisstrax tiles can support up to 5,120 PSI (pounds per square inch).

7. Can Swisstrax tiles be cut for custom installations?

Yes, Swisstrax tiles can be easily cut using a table saw or circular saw to your specific installation needs.

8. Are Swisstrax tiles resistant to oils and chemicals?

Swisstrax is resistant to almost everything except for battery acid. Make sure to keep away from direct heat sources such as butane torches as well.

9. Does Swisstrax become slippery when wet?

Swisstrax tiles have an effective anti-slip ingredient mixed into the polypropylene which keeps them slip free when wet. Most of the competitors simply spray on an anti-slip mixture after production which gradually wears off, whereas Swisstrax has it mixed in during production, so it won't ever wear off.

10. What makes Swisstrax tiles superior to the competition?

Swisstrax is the Ferrari of modular flooring. We have the highest performing tiles, which hold much more psi than those of the competition. Swisstrax has an industry leading warranty, and superior locking system to the other brands.