Before You Begin Your Garage Installation

Swisstrax interlocking flooring tiles must be site conditioned at room temperature (72° F or higher) for a period of 24 hours prior to installation. It is ideal to put the tiles which will be placed at the front of the garage in the direct sunlight for a period of time prior to installation to allow the tiles to expand, especially if they will be exposed to direct sunlight when the garage door is open.

Step 1: Preparation (Optional)

  • Clear the flooring surface of any removable objects and or items.
  • Sweep or vacuum any excess dirt and debris off of the flooring surface.

Step 2: Locate Your Starting Point

  • In your garage stand facing your garage door opening.
  • Locate the top-left corner of your garage.
  • *NOTE: A minimum expansion gap of ¼’’ for 15.75″ tiles and ½’’ for all other styles should be left at the walls and/or any other immovable objects such as cabinets, vehicle lifts, support beams, etc.

Step 3: Installing Your First Tile

  • Place Tile #1 (Tile A) in the top left corner with the pegged “male” sides facing the left wall and garage walls.
  • Remember to leave a 1/4″ expansion gap be tween the tile and wall.

Step 4: Installing the Next Tile

  • Work left to right, interlock Tile B with Tile A making sure that loops and pegs are facing the same direction.
  • Continue with your first row until the right wall is reached.
  • Return to the left wall and repeat steps 4-5 until the first three rows are completed.

Step 5: Completing the First Row

Continue across with your first row until you reach the East wall. NOTE: If cutting is necessary, refer to the “Cutting Recommendations” below for instructions.

Step 6: Installing Additional Rows

Return to the West wall and repeat Steps 4-5 until the first three rows are complete.

Step 7: Installing Edges

In your delivery, you received either looped “female” edges or pegged “male” edges

  • Following completion of the first three rows, connect the edges to the first installed row nearest to the garage door entry.
  • Edges are only needed between the garage door rails. Refer to the “Edge Installation” portion of Install Instructions.

Position the edges

  • This step begins by closing your garage door.
  • Gently push the first 3 rows of tile with attached edges up against garage door for a precise fit.

Option #1: Female Edge + Tile

  • Lift up tile and align the female/looped edge with the male/pegs of the tile, and snap into place.

Option #2: Male Edge + Tile

  • Hover above and align the edge male/pegs with the female/looped of the tile, and snap into place.

Attaching the edge

  • With pegs and loops aligned, begin by pressing the sides of the tile into the edge, working your way to the center. This may take a little pressure and you will feel a “snap” when the tile is attached to the edge.

*NOTE: Edges may have to be cut to fit within garage door rails.

Step 8: Continuing Your Floor Installation

  • Resume steps 4-5 until the back wall is reached.
  • Be sure to check the alignment of your floor as you progress.
  • Cutting may be necessary along the back wall to complete install!

Cutting recommendations:

  • All Swisstrax® products can be cut with an electrical saw such as a circular saw, jig saw, table saw, etc.
  • A fine toothed blade is recommended.

*NOTE: When making your cuts, be sure to position your tile accordingly to ensure it interlocks with the rest of your flooring. Refer to the tool manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

*WARNING: Do not walk on tiles that are not interlocked together as they can be a dangerous slipping hazard. When installing your floor, be cautious of Swisstrax tiles placed on top of one another.