• Swisstrax rubber flooring carries the tradition of Swiss design and precision in the research, development and manufacturing of our products.
  • Our 4-point injection mold which ensures better material distribution throughout the entire tile. Having material flow throughout multiple points in the tile provides superior strength to withstand commercial and light industrial applications. (Competitors use a single injection mold.)
  • Our products are made in North America.



  • Swisstrax tiles have a compressive strength of 5,120 psi.
  • Our tiles feature 20-30% more connectors than any other competitor’s tiles to better secure your modular flooring system.
  • A Swisstrax tile has a support structure that has no more than a 3/8″ void. “Voids” are gaps between the support structures underneath the tile. Smaller voids ensure a stronger tile overall. (Our competitor’s tiles can have up to 1.25″ voids.)
  • Any single Swisstrax tile can be extracted from your floor – regardless of its position within the system.
  • Swisstrax tiles are resistant to most oils, solvents, car fluids and acids (including battery acid), brake fluids and Skydrol – the most corrosive hydraulic fluid we know of.
  • Swisstrax tiles have a UV stabilizer mixed in with its material as well as its color pigment, making them highly fade resistant. Many of our competitors use a spray-on UV coating that can wear away quickly.
  • Swisstrax tiles have a temperature tolerance of -22°F to +248°F.



  • Swisstrax is the official supplier to the SEMA Show, Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions, Ford Motor Company, John Deere and the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Companies like Bridgestone, Meguiar’s, Rockstar Performance Garage etc. have chosen Swisstrax flooring over the competition.
  • Swisstrax tiles are used in the NY Fire Department’s fire truck bays with 80,000+ lb. equipment running over them.
  • Swisstrax tiles are also used in large aircraft hangars with commercial aircraft.



  • Our warranty is a full 15-year warranty and is not pro-rated like many of our competitors.
  • Swisstrax has the stamp of approval from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).
  • Swisstrax is LEED Certified for our green products and recycling.
  • Swisstrax is ASTM tested and certified.
  • Swisstrax was awarded a California State Grant for our work with our new Ecotrax program of recycled rubber and recycled plastics.
  • We offer test certificates from various countries including Europe and Australia.